• Windows Forms controls: Map control, Legend control
  • Dynamic layers
  • Pan and zoom through map layers
  • Scale dependent layer display
  • Map rotation
  • Translucency support
  • Draw points, lines, ellipses, rectangles, polygons, labels and text strings directly onto maps
  • Vector formats: Shapefile, TAB, point data
  • Raster formats: ECW, TIFF, JPEG/JPEG 2000
  • Spatial databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Features stored in spatial databases can be edited directly on the maps
  • Map data encryption
Thematic Mapping
  • Assign colors, symbols and shading to represent data values on the map
  • Thematic maps can be based on individual values, ranges or expressions
  • Pie/bar charts are fully supported
  • Automated relates from map data to databases.
Spatial and Attribute Searching
  • Search for features along lines and inside boxes, areas, polygons and circles
  • Search within a specified distance of other features
  • Search for features using an expression
  • Query attribute data associated with selected features
  • Export selected features in Shapefile format.
A Variety of Labeling Options
  • Cross-layer smart labeling - labels are positioned automatically to prevent overlapping between labels
  • Thematic labeling - enables control of label properties by using values in the customer's data. For example font size and color could be adjusted to correspond to a state's population
  • Multi-line labels - allows text labels to appear on multiple lines instead of in one long string
  • Highway/interstate labeling - provides the ability to assign highway shield symbols for highways/interstates.
Routing / Vehicle Tracking
  • Built-in support for vehicle tracking
  • Calculate routes between two points based on their coordinates
  • Calculate the quickest and shortest routes (based on distance or time)
  • Generate turn-by-turn driving directions
  • Plot generated routes directly on the map
  • Turn restrictions are supported.
On-The-Fly Projection
  • Data from any projection can be combined into a common projection for viewing and analysis
  • Built-in support for 378 geographic and 2706 projected coordinate systems
  • Support for the OpenGIS WKT format for spatial reference systems.
Vector Data Sources
  • Shapefiles (SHP)
  • TAB files (TAB)
  • Spatial databases:
    SQL Server
    Oracle Spatial
  • ActualMap allows you to plot latitude/longitude locations from any database
Raster Data Sources
  • GeoTIFF
  • ECW
  • JPEG 2000
  • GeoJPEG
Export Formats
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • Shapefile
Help and Support
  • Samples are provided for ASP.NET (VB.NET and C#), ASP.NET AJAX
  • Detailed online documentation is included